Collinsville OK

Collinsville OK Condos, Sprawling Ranches, and Collinsville OK New Homes: Real Estate for Those Who Want it All

Collinsville Oklahoma real estate is ideal for those seeking to take a step back from a fast-paced lifestyle without completely giving up access to the suburban way of life. Appropriately nicknamed “The Center of It All,” Collinsville real estate offers small town living mixed with quick access to some of Tulsa County’s most important landmarks.

Specifically, the town of Collinsville is relatively small—noting a mere 4,077 residents on the 2000 census. However, homes for sale in Collinsville do not limit a person to country living; rather, Collinsville is conveniently located within miles of a variety of hot spots in Tulsa County. Some of these destinations include a 12-mile drive to the Tulsa International Airport, 18 miles to the Port of Catoosa, seven miles to the Cherokee Industrial park, and a relatively quick 20-mile drive to downtown Tulsa. As its nickname suggests, Collinsville real estate truly is the “Center of It All”.

What to Expect from Collinsville Oklahoma Real Estate

Whether you’re browsing the listings for Collinsville OK new homes or Collinsville OK condos, potential home buyers almost all agree that this town’s natural setting among wooded hills and rolling plains of prairie grass is one of its strongest appeals. Additionally, large open spaces devoted to agriculture surround the developed boundaries of Collinsville, enclosing approximately three square miles within the town. This means that unlike many real estate options in rural areas, Collinsville OK real estate isn’t likely to undergo development any time soon.

Homes for sale in Collinsville offer affordable living with a variety of housing types, churches, and civic clubs. Notably historic, the city is progressive with a strong respect for its history and past—while keeping a watchful eye on the future.

The History Behind Homes for Sale in Collinsville

Potential buyers of Collinsville OK condos and Collinsville OK new homes alike will enjoy the vast history that comes with life in this quaint town.

The first settlers in 1897 were drawn to Collinsville because of its fertile bluegrass prairie and huge coal beds beneath. The town itself was actually named after Dr. A. H. Collins, a surveyor and engineer who ran the post office.

Shortly after the first settlers arrived and began to erect Collinsville real estate, the Santa Fe Railroad created a stop in town around 1899. Adding to the burst of technology experienced by the city, natural gas was discovered downtown in the early 1900s. The smelter industry also came to Collinsville in 1911, bringing with it new industrial workers and thriving businesses based on manufacturing. And while the town is still small and laid-back in nature, this progressive use of technology continues today as the city of Collinsville is one of the first and only towns in Indian Territory to have a municipally-owned light and power plant.

Similarly, the downtown area remains lined with modern businesses in addition to mom-and-pop shops for the ultimate shopping and community experience. In terms of Collinsville real estate, this town is one of the only Oklahoma cities with the majority of its historic structures still intact.

Settling Down With Collinsville Real Estate and The Small Town Lifestyle

Homes for sale in Collinsville OK are a wonderful opportunity for anyone seeking an affordable and quiet lifestyle directly outside of Tulsa—one of Oklahoma’s most vibrant cities. The miles of farmland and uncultivated space are great for building Collinsville OK new homes, while Collinsville OK condos located downtown are a wonderful compromise for those looking for that “community” feel. As anyone can see, Collinsville Oklahoma real estate truly is the “Center of It All” and a great location for those aiming to make the most of life in small town Oklahoma.